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Welcome to the Re-Entry Court Collaborative Lawyering Project.  Through the work of volunteer attorneys, this Project is designed to reduce barriers to gainful employment after incarceration. Attorneys are needed for limited scope representation arrangements in the open matters listed below.  Litigation support and CLE credit are available to volunteers.  Release dates in red below indicate that the participant has likely been released from Angola and is under judicial supervision. Please take a moment to review the agreement with JAC to work with the Re-Entry Pro Court Bono Program and contact Adrienne for more information.  If you'd like to accept one of the below cases, please identify the matter number in your email to Adrienne. We will respond with the name of a participant so that you can run a conflict check and confirm acceptance.

The guides below have been developed through the work of various organizations involved in the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Access to Justice Commission. This information is designed to be instructional for volunteer attorneys providing representation for child support, consumer, and traffic matters.  When reading the instructions, please be mindful that some information may be jurisdiction and matter specific. 

Reminder: Please complete a monthly report after you accept a case. This informs the judge of the general progress on your matter. The monthly report is located here and should take 5 minutes to complete. Please complete the form if you have a re-entry court case open or have just closed a matter.

Case List Last Updated June 12, 2018

1. Benefits & Housing 

None at this time.

2. Employment

None at this time.

3. Family Law

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4. Criminal Law

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Crim 2.png

5. Consumer Law

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